We "PurifyHydro" are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the well-established leading water management Company having completed a decade in water treatment.

PurifyHydro provides great value to our customers, and it is a basis on which, we strive to build our market leadership in water and wastewater, also we put great effort for Cleaner and Greener environment.

As you know, untreated water is alarmingly unfit for human consumption due to many impurities present in water such as excess Dissolved Salts, Microbiological Impurities and Suspended Solids etc. Hence treatment of water becomes very essential to maintain the quality of life and here we step in, with our wide range of expertise and experience in treating water.

We are at a Pleasure to introduce “PurifyHydro” as the Quality Supplier for Water Treatment system, which Adheres and exceeds to the World’s highest & stringent Norms for Purified water. As part of its continuous Endeavour

Tradition, “PurifyHydro” with its wide product range is committed to serve the “Need of Purified Water” in the best possible manner in the following: -

Water treatment Plant.


ETP - Recycle System

Water Softeners

STP – MBBR – MBR base system.

High Purity Generation and Distribution system.

“PurifyHydro” enjoys full technical backup from the world leaders in global water treatment field.


The PurifyHydro team maximizes plant availability by reduction in unscheduled down time. The team offers scheduled maintenance, plant performance checks and health reports all aimed at improving plant yield and better ROI to its customers. This team has proven credentials in providing services to all the segments projects in India and abroad.

The PurifyHydro team, comprises a team of more than 50 technical personnel with hands-on experience & in-depth knowledge and expertise on various Water and Waste Water treatment technologies.

PurifyHydro team can jointly develop individual & customized solutions, in line with customer demands, with the aim of guaranteeing optimum performance in combination with the highest possible plant safety.

At last but not the least, we hope to serve you in our best possible manner as our prestigious client. Now request you to kindly provide us your valued inquiry for the requirement of water treatment and oblige.


Please contact us if you have requirement for any or all of the following Products :

Water Softeners

Water Treatment Plant - WTP

Sewage Treatment Plant - STP

Effluent Treatment Plant - ETP

Industrial / Commercial RO Plants of all sizes -- 250lt RO Plant, 500lt RO Plant, 1000lt RO Plant and so on...

Sand Filters

Carbon Filters

De-Mineralization Plants - DM Plants

Ultra-filtration Systems.

Reverse Osmosis Plants.

High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier

Tube Settler

Ultra-Violet Disinfection Units.

Micro-filtration Systems.

We have in house development for Automatic programmes. People can work on PLC panels of Alan Bradley, Messung, etc

We have testing facility for Skids.

Quality report to ensure quality across functions are reviewed every month. Project execution

Erection & Commissioning Engineering & Design & Manufacturing

Report is discussed in the Quality review meetings and improvement notes are prepared.

SOP Manual (Standard Operating Procedures) is in place for all functions. We have facilities to carry out Dry, Wet FAT’s for skid.

We have fabrication cum assembly shop at Noida. Our engineers can work on Auto-Cad

“We commit to deliver best in value products and services in water and waste water treatment to our customers.

We will do this against global bench marks through:

Use of superior technology, engineering and applied innovation

Excellence in operations and project management

Careful adaptation of quality standards to cover all areas of business, including transactional processes.

Spirit of “PurifyHydro“ is the driving force; ecological sustainability the cornerstone and quality a culture within the organization. We will adhere to all statutory and regulatory requirements; consistently meet and exceed customer expectation, employee satisfaction and business financial success.”


The range of services offered by PurifyHydro is:


A basic requirement for any project, this includes determination of Quality and Quantity of Treated Water requirement for Specific end use and finally technology screening to determine possible treatment alternatives.


We provide Process Designs for new or upgraded Treatment system, incorporating process flow diagrams, units sizing, flow and material balance. The details include flow sequence, chemical dosage and addition points.

Preliminary Engineering, developed based on Process Design, includes Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, General Arrangement Drawing, Hydraulic Profile, etc. The Report also includes support information such as equipment specifications, list of bought-outs and custom-built items etc.


PurifyHydro of its own and through strategic alliances can provide detailed Engineering, Construction, Mechanical, Electrical and Piping Drawings, etc.

We provide complete services from concept to commissioning including engineering, procurement, construction and operation of Water Treatment Plants. We have associates to jointly execute large projects on turnkey basis.


PurifyHydro provides complete supervision and / or operation of treatment plants in select cases with special thrust on optimizing Energy and Chemicals Costs, Smooth Operations and Consistent results. We also provide training to operator and develop systematic manual and data sheets.


PurifyHydro has two modern manufacturing works situated in Noida, which is equipped with basic material handling equipment and all types of engineering and fabrication machines. All quality control systems are followed as per international standards.

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